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Time Management System

Flex-TMS uses the latest technology to ensure your organization is tracking attendance accurately and efficiently. Watch payroll errors decrease, and productivity increase - ultimately saving you money.


Key Features

Time and Attendance

Track your time and attendance with a customizable system backed by the best support team in the industry. With thousands of installations, our system makes the most of your network architecture and security capabilities.

Time Clocks

Make punching in more convenient than ever - TMS Attendance software is available on most mobile devices. Plus, you have the option to collect timeclock data via: biometric hand/finger scan, barcoded badges, or proximity badges.

Entry and Access

Flex-TMS Access was the first to market with IP-at-the-Door access control. We provide the only TOTAL SOLUTION in a pure IP access control system, now with total integration to TMS Attendance.

Request for Time Change

Even though the system is automated, mistakes can still occur occasionally. A request for a time change sheet can be submitted by employees, which the manager can then approve or deny.

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