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Electronic Health Record System

At Flexon Technologies, we’re experts at managing Healthcare IT. That’s why we created Flex-EHR - a comprehensive EHR system to make your job easier.


Key Features

Key Features

Our Flex-EHR system has appointment setting capabilities that allows office staff to easily schedule and register patients, and choose a reason for their visit.

Intelligent Patient Workflows

A system that boosts workflows in real time - eliminating bottlenecks and maximizing productivity. You’ll never have patients sitting in the waiting room while a clean examination room is available.

Task Management Capabilities

Helps you manage the ancillary, mundane tasks that inundate your daily schedule. A system that will remind you to sign notes, review lab results, approve medications, and answer patient messages.

Expedite Patient Encounters

Makes patient history easily accessible, allows you to quickly record clinical content and efficiently document normalities/abnormalities - ultimately reducing both the time and cost of transcription.

Detailed and Meaningful Reporting

We are in the age of big data and analytics. Flex-EHR will give you real-time access to clinical and financial data and has the ability to create in-depth reports - enabling you to make the right decisions for your practice.



With doctors spending one-third of their time using an EHR, our system is designed to be simple, intuitive, and attractive. Drag-and-drop capabilities and minimal screen openings will allow you to move through the system quickly, and with minimal effort.

24/7 Access from
Any Device

Today’s physicians need to be able to maneuver seamlessly through technologies and our system provides 24/7 access to patient records. Flex-EHR is accessible on both PC and Mac, and is compatible with most major internet browsers.

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