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Fitness Management System

Help your clients achieve their fitness goals with our fully customizable and personalized Fitness Management System.


Key Features

Workout Programs

Flex-FIT framework provides users and professional trainers a dashboard to create fully customizable workout programs based on different ability levels and the user’s age, height, weight, etc.

Social Network

The in-app social networking features helps users stay motivated and accountable by allowing users to compete against other users and share their fitness journeys with friends and family, all while tracking progress.

Workout Log Book

The Flex-FIT log book helps users track their workout sessions, set reminders, create to-do lists, and log meals. Using the food tracking feature, appropriate calorie suggestions are made to help users reach their desired goals faster.

Workout Live


Flex-FIT live streaming allows users to broadcast their workout sessions to other users in their social fitness network. Fitness professionals can comment on live streams and share knowledge to help reduce the risk of injuries due to inappropriate use of equipment and postures.

Wearable Fitness Integration

Flex-FIT framework allows users to integrate smartwatches and bracelets to track progress and share data (such as heart rate, steps taken, pulse rate, etc.) between devices. This data is then represented visually and suggestions for improvement are provided.

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