Key Features

Workout Programs

Flex fitness framework provides users and professional trainers a dashboard to create customized workout programs based on different levels – Easy, Medium, and Advanced. It also provides suggestions of workout programs that can be set by the admin based on age, height, weight, etc. Users can set a goal and based on the goal, users are suggested a set of workout programs from cardio, weightlifting, yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), etc. to achieve the goal.

Social Network

Flex fitness framework will allow users to connect with other users similar to other social networking sites with the limitation to fitness related activities. Users can earn merits and rewards based on the milestones set in the app to track progress for health and fitness. The social networking feature in the app lets users compete and challenge their friends and family members in different kinds of activities. This feature will allow the users to build a flex fitness network and keep user motivated toward their goal.

Workout Logbook

Flex fitness logbook will help users to keep track of their training journal. Users can log the workout sessions, set reminders, create to do list, etc. for their fitness goals. Logbook also allow users to log food and calorie intake on daily basis with easy suggestions of calories calculated based on the ingredients in the meal. This feature assists users in determining the right meal for them and achieve their desired goals faster. All information logged in logbook can be visualized in graphs and stats.

Workout Live Streaming

Flex fitness live streaming allows users to broadcast their workout sessions to friends and family in their social fitness network. This helps fitness professionals share knowledge to reduce the risk of injuries due to inappropriate use of equipment and postures. Professionals can also record the sessions and save it in the app to share with users instead of live streaming.

Wearable Fitness Integration

Flex fitness framework will also users integrate smartwatches and bracelets to track progress and share data between devices for better tracking of fitness goals. The integration is done using various public API’s that are available to share and analyze data. This can help gather data from devices such as heartrate, steps taken during a period of time, pulse rate, etc. to provide a visual representation of the data and provide suggestions.