Patient Scheduling
A comprehensive EHR system with appointment setting capabilities that allows office staff to easily schedule patients, register them, and choose a reason for their visit.
Intelligent Patient Workflows
Clean workflows in real time eliminating bottlenecks and maximizing productivity. Never have patients sitting in the waiting room while a clean examination room is available.
Task Management Capabilities
Help you manage the ancillary, mundane tasks that inundate your daily schedule. A system that will remind you to sign notes, review lab results, approve medications, and answer patient messages.
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Lending Platform
A comprehensive end to end system dedicated to assisting banks and credit unions conveniently navigate and succeed in the ever-challenging lending environment with its latest cutting-edge technology platform developed to keep changing trends and scalability in mind. Flex-LPS leverages the latest technology and architecture to help the mortgage industry solve decade old problems and convert the existing process inefficiencies into profitable solutions.

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Ease of use
Flex – LMS’ interface is quick to learn, intuitive and user-friendly to whomever the user is.
Our LMS gives you integration capabilities and allows you to share data across organization systems like
– Talent Management
– Workforce Management
– Compliance Management
– Payment Processor

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Time and Attendance
Track your time and attendance with a customizable system backed by the best product implementation and support team in the industry. With thousands of installations, our system makes the most of your Microsoft network architecture alongside browser, Ethernet, and security capabilities.
Time Clocks
Flex-TMS offers multiple data collection options. Flexible clocking options include
biometric hand and finger, badge utilizing barcode, and proximity badges. TMS Attendance software works with Smart Phones and IPads to make punching in as convenient as possible for both the employee and supervisor.

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Workout Programs
Flex fitness framework provides users and professional trainers a dashboard to create customized workout programs based on different levels – Easy, Medium, and Advanced. It also provides suggestions of workout programs that can be set by the admin based on age, height, weight, etc. Users can set a goal and based on the goal, users are suggested a set of workout programs from cardio, weightlifting, yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), etc. to achieve the goal.

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