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You want to improve your company's time to market and scale faster - we'll help you implement strong DevOps fundamentals, so you can succeed with digital transformation and see measurable results.

Our expert consultants will help you migrate on-premise server-based legacy applications to the cloud platforms, automate workflows, and scale infrastructure (IAAS) seamlessly. By creating an environment that allows Development and Operations teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently, you’ll be able to spend more time on your company’s priority tasks. Instead of waiting weeks and months to get a new product tested and approved, deploy and scale your new applications in a matter of hours or days.




Our Expert Solutions Include:

Source Code Management Tools Setup – GIT, Bitbucket, Github, etc.

Configuration Management – Ansible, Chef, Puppet

CI/CD Process implementation – Jenkins or Bamboo

Continuous Testing – Selenium Webdriver, Rest Assured, etc.

Containerization – Docker/Kubernetes

Monitoring – Nagios, New Relic, AppDynamics, etc.

Cloud Management – AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Logs Management – Splunk and Kibana

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