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Learning Management System

Whatever industry you’re working in, Flex-LMS will help you and your employees learn what you need to know - so you can grow and succeed, together.


Key Features

Ease of Use

Flex-LMS’ interface is quick to learn, intuitive, and user-friendly.


Our LMS gives you integration capabilities and allows you to share data across organization systems like:

Talent Management  |  Workforce Management  |  Compliance Management

HRIS  |  ERP  |  CRM  |  Payment Processor

Content Management

Upload existing documents, videos, and exams, and link learners to web content hosted elsewhere. Create curriculum, learning materials, and evaluations in an organized, meaningful and effective learning path.

Course Creation Tools

Provides even the less tech-savvy the ability to create, distribute, edit, and manage entire courses from start to finish, regardless of the type of content being created.

Course Creation Tools

Flex-LMS systems allow you to incorporate testing throughout courses to see what content is being retained by members. If incorrect answers are given,  members have the option to review the material again before retaking the test.

Support for Mobile Learning

Flex-LMS provides mobile learning on all iOS and Android devices, allowing you to experience more social engagement with learners and communicate easily through discussion boards.

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