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 Loan Processing System

Flex-LPS leverages the latest technology and architecture to help the mortgage industry solve decade old problems and convert the existing process inefficiencies into profitable solutions.


Key Features

Leading Platform

A comprehensive end to end system dedicated to assisting banks and credit unions conveniently navigate and succeed in the ever-challenging leading environment with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Flex-LPS uses the latest cloud-based infrastructure and most up-to-date design guidelines to deliver a robust, secure, easy to use, and responsive product.

Loan Origination Capabilities

This feature supports the back-end of the application process - enabling you to create various types of loans based on differing payment options, interest rates, and service fees.

API Integration

Build your own or use existing end-user portals, by plugging into our secured APIs. Choose only the features needed for your business.

Mobile Access

Flex-LPS helps optimize all phases of the loan process by providing lenders real-time access to loan approval status as well as crucial details like sale price, interest rate, terms, loan-to-value (LTV), and probability of close.

Client Management

Complete credit checks and assess the viability of potential borrowers, all while recording valuable client notes and contact information.

Analytics Dashboard

Flex-LPS gathers and highlights the key metrics you’re monitoring and presents them in easy-to-read charts and graphs, giving you useful and intelligent insights into your operation.

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